Monte Negro investment 

Montenegro is one of the oldest countries in the Balkans in general. From 5500 to 3000 BC. BC, Neolithic (Younger Stone Age). On the territory of Montenegro, two basic cultural areas are distinguished: Mediterranean and Central Balkan. Like many countries in the world, Montenegro has gone through great changes in its thousands of years of existence.

Montenegro is proud of both its beautiful sea coast and its interior. It is very rich in rivers, where the longest Tara has almost 147 km of flow. 243 km of Skadar Lake, as well as other lakes, give the charm of the interior of Montenegro. Very rich and diverse natural food, tourist centers make sense of investing in Montenegro.

Worldluxury real estate, in addition to other offers of luxury real estate from coastal cities, is proud to offer luxury villas and apartments in the first golf resort under construction in Montenegro. See our real estate offer by clicking on the photo of Montenegro.